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Ecommerce website enabled by Kentico 12 MVC

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The challenge

With a new generation of homeowners to serve, TruGreen needed their website to evolve. was complex—one query to estimate price required data from over 40 web services. And as a seasonable business, they needed a more modern, stable website that allowed their team to make changes quickly.

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Our approach

To understand the website’s aging code base, Ntara performed an extensive code audit. The resulting approach was a complete rebuild on Kentico 12 MVC. This allowed TruGreen to start with a fresh code base while positioning the site well for future functionality. We rebuilt the ecommerce portion (i.e., the riskiest portion) first to ensure that TruGreen could continue to capture sales during the rebuild process.

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Final experience

The updated site launched just in time for the spring sales season. It provided a stable coding environment and enhanced data security for TruGreen. Along with functional benefits, the TruGreen team gained a new level of efficiency. The recode showed a 200% improvement in efficiency for maintenance tasks. This allows our development team to spend less time fixing things and more time delivering feature requests.

By the numbers

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reduction in page download time YoY

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increase in transactions on the site

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less code required

Website styling consolidation

Creating a unified brand experience

TruGreen’s previous site was built in pieces by multiple technology partners, leading to varying website templates and outdated code. As part of this project, our front-end developers consolidated four disparate CSS libraries into one and implemented the change globally. This ensures a consistent online brand experience for potential customers.

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continued optimization

Enabling website testing opportunities

The Kentico 12 MVC recode opened new testing opportunities to the TruGreen team. TruGreen can now run unique A/B tests to increase engagement on key conversion pages. And with visible analytics code, they can accurately measure the success of each test and implement in real-time.

enhanced functionality

With clean code, more is possible

Uninhibited code allows for more functionality. TruGreen can now deliver personalized, dynamic content to customers based on their zip code. When customers enter their zip code on, the query connects to over 25 databases, delivering real-time, customized content. Users see pricing, treatment schedules, and service lines that are unique to their location and lawn size.

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“With the help of Ntara, our new website provides us the ability to better reach and serve our customers through an enhanced end-user experience.”

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John Hasselle

Director of Digital Marketing

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About the client

America’s #1 lawn care company, TruGreen provides lawn care services to more than 2.3 million residential and commercial customers across the United States.

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