SurveyMonkey power user


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We’re proud to call ourselves a SurveyMonkey power user. Since 2006, we’ve used this tool to help extract business value for our clients

Why we use SurveyMonkey

First, we are passionate about customer segmentation. We want to identify our clients’ various audiences and understand what makes them different. Second, we are innovative in how we leverage integrations between survey data and existing workflows and systems.

And lastly, in addition to customer segmentation, we use SurveyMonkey across multiple functions of our organization. We use the tool on our behalf and that of our clients—allowing us all to work smarter. And our surveys receive great engagement, with completion rates averaging about 78%, which is higher than the industry standard of 33%.

Our history with SurveyMonkey

  • Partner since 2006
  • SurveyMonkey enterprise account user
  • 25+ clients with market research needs
  • 2M+ respondents
  • 150+ surveys sent