What is customer segmentation?

Customer segmentation is the data-driven process of finding predictable patterns in your target audience. Your audience is comprised of unique customer segments, each of which have similar online expectations and needs. To identify them, we collect data from your internal and external stakeholders—and directly from your audience. Then, over time, we’ll glean additional insights from their behavior online. Customer segmentation shows where you’re overdelivering and where you’re underdelivering, empowering you to optimize your digital approach.

How is customer segmentation valuable to my business?

Most businesses make assumptions about their audiences; they are missing true insight into customer preference and behavior. Enter: our proprietary customer segmentation study. This is a tridimensional segmentation study, meaning we collect data about your customers’ needs, attitudes, and behaviors. At this intersection of data, we will identify your unique audience segments—and you can learn to predict their online behavior. Plus, we can tie that data into your CRM, helping you further prioritize digital investments on your most profitable (or most vulnerable) segments.

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Our unique approach

Using qualitative methodologies, we’ll identify existing organizational beliefs and goals. And when possible, we’ll conduct in-depth research with members of your target audience. Using quantitative methods, we’ll gather statistically significant data, predictive of online behavior. Unlike other firms that make recommendations based on what looks good or what others are doing, we synthesize real customer data into an actionable digital strategy.

What you get

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Customer segment insights

With data from your customer segmentation study, you’ll get to know your audience better than ever before. And we’ll help you prioritize their pain points so you can address the most urgent needs for your most valuable segments first.


Unlike other consulting agreements that result in a printed PowerPoint that gets stuffed in a drawer, never to be seen again, we’ll reference these personas continuously as we build out your digital ecosystem. They are living documents, meant to reflect the current state of your audience and their preferences.

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Customer journey maps

We’ll also create visual representations of each segment’s preferences. From awareness to competitive considerations to purchase and beyond, customer journey maps highlight your best opportunities to reach and influence customers at every stage.

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