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We help brands optimize their website code structure and development workflows to improve SEO, UX, compliance, and more.

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Ntara is an ASP.NET development agency. We do not conduct code audits for mobile apps.

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Why conduct a code audit?

A website code audit can help detect root issues with your site, integrations, and workflows. Over our 20+ years as a digital agency, we’ve seen many businesses in conflict with their own websites and processes. Here are just a few reasons your business may need to conduct a code audit:

  • To prepare for a website redesign
  • To scan for risks and compliance concerns
  • When you’re looking to replace your agency partner
  • When you need to replatform to a new CMS
  • When your business is working toward a digital transformation
  • When you need to move to an e-commerce model

How do we do it?

We serve B2B and B2C companies, healthcare brands, and nonprofits. Overall, we’re looking to see if the way your website is built, structured, promoted, and hosted is aligning with your business goals.

  • We meet with your team to determine core issues and concerns
  • We review applicable client data, files, and source code that makes up your website
  • We review each line of code necessary and evaluate the site based on organization, security and compliance, and code quality
  • Compare production code to source code
  • Provide key recommendations for improving code integrity and website performance

The average website code audit engagement lasts anywhere from 1-6 weeks depending on the size and scope of analysis. This short turnaround time helps your team identify issues so you can pivot and make business decisions quickly.

What do we look at?

Our development engineers are highly experienced and certified. They review your data to identify areas of security or compliance risk, areas where efficiency or accuracy could be improved, and then make actionable recommendations that your business can use to activate the next step in your digital transformation.

Specifically, we look at the following and more:
  • What ASP.NET technology and techniques are being used?
  • Is the code easy to understand?
  • Is the code scalable?
  • Is the code secure against threats such as SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting, encrypting secure data, etc.?
  • What hosting environments exist?
  • Does your site have broken links?
  • How quickly do your pages load?
Whether your ASP.NET website is functioning poorly and you need an action plan stat, or if it’s just time to audit your performance and compliance risks again, we’re here to help!

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