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Technical Business Analyst

Documentation and data genius.

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At Ntara, we believe if something can be imagined, it can be created. And our technical business analysts help make it organized, measurable, and data-driven. The right analyst for this position must, first and foremost, be a data guru devoted to the art of precision and purposefulness, knowing that what they touch will be a source of truth, accuracy, and efficiency for our clients and our project teams.

Technical Business Analyst Jobs: Things that will make you successful at Ntara

A master planner.

You must have the ability to plan and document large-scale websites and digital projects for our clients. You’ll help brands make sense of jumbled product and customer data, analyzing it, reorganizing, and building the master plan to fix it and make it sing. Your recommendations come to life in fluid integrations between content management systems (CMS), product information systems (PIM), and e-commerce platforms. A successful analyst at Ntara will demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of the digital ecosystem.

A translator.

A Ntara analyst is masterful but able to make complex things feel simple, especially to our clients. We work one-on-one with them and our team members to find the right solutions for the task at hand. You’ll help our clients understand the complex, make sense of their tangled data, and align their digital ecosystem to work seamlessly. You make a big impact on efficiency and measurability.

A team player.

The right candidate for this job can walk onto our team and be impactful. You must build trust and confidence with team members, whether that be troubleshooting a project together or kicking butt and taking names in a game of ping pong.

Primary requirements

  • Ability to analyze large data volumes quickly and find patterns and issues
  • Love to problem-solve
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Deep understanding of technical systems
  • Ability to understand integrations
  • Ability to discuss back office systems
  • Business process oriented
  • Identifying gaps in processes
  • Impeccable documentation skills
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Interview skills to glean project information
  • Initiative and responsibility
  • Wizard-level Excel skills
  • SQL skills
  • Comfortable working with large sets of data
  • Background in programming is helpful for communication with programming team
  • Proficient at learning new software rapidly
  • Detail oriented
  • Understanding workflow of API integrations
  • Generally an inquisitive person

Does that sound like you?

Yes? Good. Keep reading.

No? Keep in touch. We may have other positions opening soon that better fit your skills.

Things that will help you excel at Ntara

  • Leadership and management capabilities
  • Familiarity with Azure Infrastructure and Hosting
  • Content Management Experience (Kentico, EpiServer, Ektron, Sitefinity, etc)
  • E-commerce platform experience (Ucommerce, EpiServer, Kentico)
  • E-commerce implementation, deployment, and integrations
  • Product Information Management Platform experience (PIM) such as inRiver
  • Knowledge of how to implement 3rd party APIs and SDKs
  • Management of web and database servers
  • Knowledge of multi-tier web application development

A day in the life of a Technical Business Analyst at Ntara

  • Solving problems for e-commerce and brochure sites
  • Documentation and planning for client solutions
  • Requirements gathering
  • Designing technical specifications
  • Ensuring quality deliverables to our clients
  • Bending Excel to your will with those magic formulas
  • Developing process improvements
  • Working closely with technically-, creatively-, and strategically-minded people
  • Ping-ponging in the rec room, if you’ve got what it takes

Is it full-time?

Yep, this is a full-time, on-site position at the Ntara headquarters in Johnson City, Tennessee. We are not considering remote candidates for this position at this time. Curious about benefits? This gig comes with dazzling benefits like a ping-pong rec space, a fully-stocked beverage fridge and snack cabinet, and a stellar team of coworkers. Oh, you mean those benefits… we have, and will always have, exceptional health insurance options for you and your loved ones, competitive pay, 401(k) support, and a HR team.

Wow, you are still here. You must be intrigued.

We are looking for the best and the brightest. If you think you have what it takes, then we look forward to hearing from you.

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