inRiver Platinum Partner

inRiver Platinum Partner

Ntara has been a trusted and strategic partner to inRiver since 2016.
We help clients customize, accelerate, and deploy perfect product information data.

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Ntara’s partnership with inRiver strengthens our ability to respond to client needs for a complete digital ecosystem by providing a simplified way to enter, maintain, and manage product information. We frequently deploy inRiver’s Product Information Management (PIM) offering because it is flexible, scalable, and built with .NET code that integrates perfectly into our clients' digital ecosystems.

Ntara and inRiver together deliver optimized solutions that leverage our marketing expertise and their software prowess. This partnership helps clients streamline product information all into one central repository, tell a full brand or product story with rich imagery, video, and robust copy, and more efficiently bring products to market through completeness rules, custom workflow, and users can set up specific parameters for their products.

Also, by separating the product data from the presentation layer, inRiver helps to future-proof digital deployments so that manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are ready for the next omnichannel or emerging technology play.

Fast facts: Ntara's inRiver Partnership

Partner Icon Partner since 2016
Ribbon Icon Rising Star Partner of the Year (2017)
Developer Icon 4 certified inRiver Developers
1 inRiver Champion (2017, 2018, 2019)
Trophy Icon 8 certified inRiver Business Consultants
Partner Icon North American Partner of the Year candidate (2018)

Streamlining product data with Kentico Xperience and InRiver

Kentico and inRiver Connector Diagram

Ntara has developed a connector between the .NET Kentico Xperience and inRiver PIM platforms. This connector easily ports product information from inRiver directly into a customer's CMS (in this case Kentico Xperience) for use across different channels while providing the path of least resistance for consumers to discover, buy, and advocate for their entire product line.

Collaborating with a well-equipped integration partner like Ntara, the union of Kentico Xperience and inRiver offers tailored solutions to any size organization in the manufacturing, distribution, or retail industries.

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The importance of product information management

In an age of empowered buyers, having product information available online is expected. In fact, product descriptions typically rank first as a source of information when consumers are making purchase decisions. They want to analyze audial and visual content, as well as read product reviews, compare similar products’ pricing, and configure items together in an easy way.

Product Information Management (PIM) is a business application for marketers, product owners, and product managers, used for creating marketing and sales information for products that can help centralize all of this content and syndicate it to all digital channels.

With PIM, business users can manage all product-related content for all channels through a centralized and trusted source and collaboration point.

Benefits of PIM

  • Faster time-to-market for products across channels
  • Better control over product content, imagery, media, and digital assets, whether produced in-house or sources from suppliers
  • A more efficient, streamlined, and collaborative process for creating, updating, and approving product information
  • The ability to establish relationships between and among products to facilitate up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Increased sales with fewer product returns
  • Reduced cost due to greater efficiency within product marketing and merchandizing
  • More satisfied, well-informed, and loyal customers

PIM Demystified

If you'd like an introduction to Product Information Management, check out a presentation we gave

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About inRiver

Founded in 2007, inRiver is the leading provider of Software-as-a-Service Product Information Management (PIM) solutions. inRiver simplifies the creation, handling, and distribution of perfect product information for a world-class customer experience at every touchpoint, in multiple languages. Product Information Management (PIM). They help B2C and B2B multi-channel commerce and marketing professionals tell perfect product stories. Their powerful inRiver Product Marketing Cloud radically facilitates the creation, handling, and distribution of perfect product information for a world-class customer experience across all touchpoints, in multiple languages. More than 900 brands around the world rely on inRiver Product Marketing Cloud for efficiently controlling the product (information) flow for their globally recognized brands.


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