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When the competition is heating up. When time is of the essence. When results are what you’re after. When you need it done right the first time. It’s time to call in Ntara. We’ve helped technology leaders drive digital results for over 15 years. Our client list includes tech giants like Citrix, Teradata, Xerox, and Lexmark. Hardware? We get it. Software? That too. Services? Absolutely. We’ve worked up and down org charts—sales, HR, marketing, operations, you name it. We’ve rolled out websites in multiple languages all over the world. And we’ve helped sell products in dozens of currencies, from the Euro to the Yuan.

Technology is our territory. We stake a claim here because it’s an industry we know seriously well. We know how fast the industry moves—and how fast it changes. We get the market pressures. We understand the complexities of the sales process. And we know how to get digital working toward your business goals. This is right in our wheelhouse, because where we operate—and excel—is at the intersection of business strategy, digital innovation, and technical integration.

Here’s what we can do for you.

We can help you fuel sales.

Done right, digital can power sales to the tune of hundreds of millions in revenue. We specialize in helping technology clients with sales enablement that boosts sales and reduces cycle time. When we say "sales enablement," we’re not talking about glitzy PowerPoint presentations. We’re talking fully interactive, completely customizable, 360-degree product tours that can be easily tailored for all kinds of prospects. Many times over, we’ve created sophisticated demos that turn CAD maps of a complex product into a zoom-in, zoom-out, blow-your-mind experience. And as a bonus, messaging and pitch can be integrated into the demo itself to equip your reps and ensure alignment in the field. Sales teams at companies like Xerox and Teradata have used these demos to turn thousands of prospects into customers. Our work for Xerox cut their sales cycle time by 59 percent on deals up to one billion dollars in revenue.

We can align your digital ecosystem with your business goals.

Your corporate presence is a powerful tool to drive business and operations. We can create and implement a digital strategy that supports your enterprise goals, including sales-enablement, customer service, talent recruiting, brand alignment, and operational improvement. We can also help you navigate the new frontier of B2B e-commerce. Our work spans the org chart, and we like it that way. We are often knee-deep in all parts of a client’s business, facilitating connection points between projects so they all add up to the big picture. For our longest standing technology client, we’ve been their agency for more than a decade and have worked on over 150 successful digital projects. When it comes to implementation, we’ve done it all, from campaign microsites to full-scale web deployments. (Our largest to date was 1.4 million pages, in over 40 languages and 172 countries.)

We can help you get e-commerce up and running.

Sales in the tech world are not easy or simple. And building an e-commerce program from scratch is no small task. From navigating channel conflict to figuring out how to capture new customers. From integrating with legacy systems to setting up operations to support e-commerce. We know this space, inside and out. We’ve helped a number of B2B brands deploy successful e-commerce programs, and we can do it for you too. We start with a blueprint that maps out all aspects of your e-commerce program, including a plan for the technical systems that will power your program, an analysis of your competitors’ e-commerce activity, and an assessment of operational readiness. We take into consideration everything you need for a successful e-commerce program—from equipping your sales team and defining a customer service process to packaging your product offerings and putting reporting systems in place.

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