Kentico 12 MVC development services

Whether you’re a current Kentico customer or considering their Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for the first time, Ntara is here to help. 

We are an experienced ASP.NET MVC development agency and Kentico Xperience Gold Partner. We help businesses plan, design, integrate, and deploy marketing and e-commerce websites on Kentico.

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A digital experience platform for the long-game

When businesses develop their sites on Kentico 12 MVC, they inherently build a digital asset that saves time and money. MVC (model-view-controller) is a flexible and sustainable way of developing websites. Kentico 12 MVC makes development and long-term maintenance easier, but also provides outstanding efficiency and autonomy for marketing users and technical users. When it’s developed the right way, it means you unlock a more efficient marketing platform for your digital marketing team.

Content marketing made easier than ever

Not only does Kentico 12 MVC allow marketing users to create content independent of a development team (hello, efficiency!), it also helps with performance, personalization, and SEO. The new Kentico interface allows for easy page building, A/B testing, and flexibility overall with page templates and widgets. It also works with all the existing Kentico Online Marketing features of versions’ past (content personalization, email marketing, lead management, etc.).

More efficient development and maintenance

On the developer side, MVC is the preferred way of building sites on ASP.NET technology. It’s scalable, easier to maintain and pinpoint bugs, and allows for easier upgrades from one version of a CMS to another. So, if you’re currently spending excess hours on bug fixes and page building, that time could be cut tremendously with a properly designed and developed Kentico 12 MVC site.  

A few features of Kentico 12 MVC

Sleek and intuitive interface
Easier upgrades & migrations
Fully controlled HTML output
Easy page building & editing
Simplified A/B testing
Content personalization
24/7 support from Kentico
E-commerce Business API

How we approach MVC development

Upgrading your CMS to Kentico MVC doesn’t require a full website redesign. If you’re happy with your current site’s performance and design, a behind-the-scenes migration from one CMS version to another is possible. On the front-end, everything can function the same and look the same, but the admin experience and technical structure of the site will be greatly improved.

To assess what it will take to upgrade to Kentico 12 MVC, we start with an audit of your current site—how it’s built, organized, and updated. Then, we’ll work with your team to map, adjust, and/or design your fresh site and admin experience. The result is a scalable, long-term CMS solution.

What about the launch? Your website won’t seem under construction to your customers because we take a multi-tiered, proven approach to development and deployment. And with a flip of a switch, you can start reaching your customers with your new Kentico MVC site.

Kentico Gold Partner

Since 2014, we have been a top Kentico partner. We’ve designed, developed, and deployed over 30 enterprise Kentico websites. We have a Kentico-certified development team, and we are a global Top 10 Kentico Gold Partner. We are also a Kentico Hosting Partner and a Kentico Quality Expert—one of only nine in the United States.
But what really sets us apart is our process and person-centered approach. Whether we’re redesigning a site, cleaning up product data, or building a marketing strategy, people and data drive everything we do. We also value our client relationships deeply and become an extended part of their digital team.

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Ntara is a full-service digital agency

Technical consulting

Data flows & mapping

Website design

UX & SEO strategy

Technical requirements documentation

E-commerce & integrations

Digital marketing strategy

Hosting & migration support

Platform deployment best practices

Our Kentico development work

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