Major flubs can happen to anyone, for any number of reasons, across all industries. But one thing remains the same—disasters can be avoided with the right players, planning and preparation. Follow along as Andy Didyk, VP of Account Services at Ntara, publicly shames five major digital mishaps and discusses how they could have been avoided by using Ntara’s patented Blueprinting process.

You will learn details and requirements for organizations of all sizes to consider before a digital engagement. You’ll also hear five tips to avoid failure on their next project. This is a must see for marketing and business professionals who are embarking upon new digital initiatives for the first time and want to avoid the “Hall of Shame.”

After watching, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify five things you should always do to ensure digital marketing success
  • Convince and empower your management team on how to become more agile during a digital engagement, all while identifying important components
  • Strengthen existing relationship between Marketing and IT organizations, making it more productive and enjoyable
  • Identify specific ways your organization can ready itself for a digital marketing partner engagemen

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