Copywriters often have one of two problems when writing a marketing description: too much information or not enough. If they have full access to all their company’s product data, they may have difficulty identifying what is relevant. If they have no access at all, they struggle to write effective copy. In our experience, the Goldilocks solution—the one that’s “just right”—may be a custom view in PIM with permissions set to “copywriter.” 

Illustration of the user interface of product information management (PIM) software. Filter is set to copywriter view. Product name and SKU are listed at the top. On the left are fields for copywriters to write their copy. In the center is the product description and on the right is the image gallery. This allows copywriters to reference both the product description and the images while writing copy—all on the same screen.

Granting copywriters access to the data they need 

This was the case for one of our clients, a global shoe manufacturer.  

In the case of this client, some of their copywriters were already working in PIM. Others were not, and still others were working in a completely different system. The client wanted to get all these copywriters working in the same place, so they could centralize their data and write more consistent copy. 

The custom inriver user interface (UI) we created for them streamlines processes and prevents duplication of efforts. Today, their marketing team writes copy that is more consistent across all channels, leading to a better user experience. 

The copywriters’ custom view provides many benefits: 

  • Access to all important product attributes 
  • Access to existing marketing copy  
  • Workflow – identifies where content is in the process 
  • Copy created in PIM can be automatically updated in other systems 
  • Collapsible sections – open and close sections as needed while writing 
  • Ability to view all imagery 
  • Ability to filter images to see specific angles of the product 

Keep messaging consistent with less room for error 

Another client, a tool manufacturer, benefits from the same type of solution. While their custom view looks different, it solves the same challenge of helping copywriters do their jobs more efficiently. 

This client needed the ability to create channel-specific features, search through existing features, reorder features by drag-and-drop, and more. With a custom UI for copywriters, their messaging is more consistent and doesn’t get diluted. 

For another client, a cosmetics manufacturer that often acquires new brands, a custom PIM view helps copywriters syndicate data better and faster. With a group of copywriters for each of dozens of brands, data sourcing can be chaotic. The custom UI we created for them eliminates the need for hand-entering copy from different formats. This streamlined approach means less room for error and less wasted time. 

An advantage for teams across the company 

A custom inriver UI offers benefits for more than copywriters. You can use the same concept for legal, brand, or SEO teams—essentially any group that uses manual steps in the product lifecycle journey. And it’s not just for website copy. A custom UI ensures messaging is consistent in packaging, direct mail, advertising, and more. 

While inriver works great out of the box in some cases, others require a custom approach. Great news: PIM platforms like inriver are extremely customizable. And we love building custom solutions.

Your company has unique process challenges. You need a PIM solution that can bend to meet your needs and a PIM partner who can create custom solutions to save your business time (and money).  

With a custom UI for copywriters, your business can cut down on writing time, get more people into one system, and speed up time to market. Talk to our PIM consultants and let us come up with a custom solution that’s “just right” for you. 

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