Kentico Xperience 13 builds upon all the improvements from Kentico 12. In this article, we’ll highlight specific features we love—the ones that provide the greatest benefit with an upgrade to Kentico Xperience 13 

Kentico Xperience 13 uses ASP.NET Core

There are many advantages to Kentico Xperience 13 MVC but perhaps the most exciting is that it’s now hosted on .NET Core. This is advantageous for your business on many levels.  

First, it improved the rendering pipeline. By default, sites built on previous Kentico versions used .NET Framework and were forced to include functionality whether it was needed or not. With Kentico 13, developers can add only what your business actually needs. (We don’t have to throw in the kitchen sink.) That means less code bloat and better performance.   

Speaking of performance, the improvements we’ve seen with Kentico 13 include faster page load times and improved SEO performance, thanks to Google’s preference for fast page load.  

A site we recently built on Kentico 13 is one of only 12% of sites on the internet that passes Google’s Core Web Vitals test. Since launch of the website, we’ve consistently seen site performance scores in the high 90s.  

.NET Core also allows better testability, making the site more reliable. It reduces youhosting costs since sites built on .NET Core are lighter weight. And with less code comes easier maintenance, meaning less time spent on fixes and more time spent on feature upgrades.  

Kentico Xperience 13 marketing automation

Kentico has also completely redone its marketing automation. In previous versions, marketing tasks often required some development-level knowledge. Today, marketers can easily drag and drop, create workflows, trigger emails, and more. Kentico 13 even offers built-in analytics for marketing automation.  

This is a huge step from where marketing automation once was with Kentico. To be clear, much of the functionality already existed—but marketers relied on developers to stand it up. Today, marketers have much more autonomy.   

In previous versions, any pages that used page builder—those pages with drag-and-drop widgets—would not show up in an out-of-the-box search crawl. That meant developers had to custom index those pages to get them to render properly.  

Kentico addressed that in version 13. Now, pages are automatically indexed in search regardless of how they’re built. This saves content editors time and reduces the risk of your content not being searchable.  

Kentico Xperience 13 reusable content

Marketers can now save even more time by taking advantage of the reusable content feature. For example, you can create an “author” page, then reuse that same content on another—having one source of truth.  

For a full list of Kentico 13 features and benefits, check out the Kentico Xperience website.  

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