Full video transcript:

I think that when we look at really why we do customer research, why we care about our client’s customer—the end user—ultimately we want to help people. It’s all about people, right? It’s really about understanding why they buy, and really understanding the truth of what’s driving that behavior.

One of the outcomes of this research that we do, this customer research, is really to build out personas and journey maps of our clients’ customers, of the end users. And the best way to do this is to have snapshots over time of this behavior—longitudinal information that we can go back and look at a year ago. Because that allows you to project where people are going and how those changes are happening.

Because let’s just be real, our clients, their competition is constantly changing. There’s new technology. Our clients’ customers are in a world where things are very, very different. Just look at the pandemic. Massive shifts in process in the business world. And without those regular touch points, it’s really hard to see how these things are moving together. And the only way to really do that is to do research.

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