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Partner of the Year 2020

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Plan for a successful PIM implementation with this four-step guide

PIM for Executives has been compiled by our team of experts to help you map out your organization’s unique needs. This guide will show you how to correctly setup PIM to save time, save money, and delight more customers with ease.

Meet the author

Jeremy Peterson was honored as the North American Partner Ambassador of the Year by InRiver at the 2020 PIMpoint Digital conference. He was also honored as a North American inRiver Champion, meaning he’s among the best in the world at helping organizations solve complex problems with PIM. Jeremy collaborated with Samara Bolling, VP of Strategic Services, to create this ebook. It provides actionable steps to prepare for a smooth PIM implementation, enabling your organization to save time, save money, and reach more customers with ease. 
Jeremy Peterson, Ntara Business Analysis Manager & Solutions Architect

Jeremy Peterson

inRiver Champion &
Partner Ambassador of the Year

In PIM for Executives, you'll learn:


How to staff the right team for your project


How to map out your product processes


Take inventory of your product data


How to design your data strategy to be scalable

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Free PIM Implementation Guide

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