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Customer segmentation & primary research

Customer segmentation is critical for understanding and influencing your target customers. Looking to learn more about your audiences? We help brands conduct custom, primary research studies so you can make informed business decisions.

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It’s time to truly know your customers

All customers are not created equally. Each customer you have is unique—their spending habits, their communication preferences, their challenges, their expectations. How is your brand catering to their specific needs?

We specialize in helping manufacturing, healthcare, and technology companies predict the online behavior of their audiences. We use proprietary quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data. We summarize our findings with detailed customer personas and journey maps. And we teach our clients to use these outputs to optimize their digital ecosystem and increase conversion.

What to expect from our customer segmentation

Net Promoter Score
Customer personas & narratives
Drivers and barriers to purchase
Revenue & value by segment
Key leverage points in the buyer journey
Communication preferences
Direct customer feedback
Profitable opportunities

Customer data drives everything we do.

Digital consulting

Website design

A/B testing

Analytics & insights

Sitemap strategy

Content strategy

Digital marketing strategy

Technical consulting

User testing

Your research results await.

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