What is industry analysis?

Industry analysis is the ongoing evaluation of businesses that are similar and tangential to yours and the overarching digital trends that influence them. We’ll help you identify new digital platforms and evaluate which ones might accelerate your business. We’ll interpret potential effects of macro and micro trends on your organization. Industry analysis is your finger on the pulse of what’s happening around your business, while looking ahead to what’s on the horizon.

How is industry analysis valuable to my business?

Staying informed of what’s trending in your industry can uncover profitable opportunities. We’ll show you what’s being adopted, what works for other companies, and what’s expected from new technology. Digital trends can open up exciting new avenues to reach your customers. We’ll keep you informed, allowing you to adopt new practices and platforms at the right time.

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Our unique approach

We’re researchers at heart, so we have a special fondness for Forrester and Gartner. (Don’t make us pick.) But our affinity for storytelling is what sets us apart. We won’t just present you with links to analyst reports. We’ll interpret industry trends in a way that’s specific to your business. And we’ll help you prioritize any subsequent investments based on expected outcome and level of investment.

What you get

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Custom presentation based on your needs

We’ll identify trends that are here for a limited time and others that are here to stay. We’ll point out patterns with websites, blogs, email, social, and search. We’ll help you see what’s taking hold in your industry—what you should adopt, what you should watch, and what we think you should avoid.

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