What are managed digital services?

Our team works to continually improve the performance of your website, PIM instance, digital marketing, and extended digital ecosystem. Everything we do under a managed services contract rolls up to a specific business goal and KPI, holding us all accountable to continue finding new ways to move your business forward.

How are managed digital services valuable to my business?

We will regularly analyze your performance data and your competitive set to help you proactively identify risks and profitable opportunities. As new ideas are generated, we will execute new features and initiatives to continually optimize your digital performance. And we’ll work behind the scenes to minimize performance issues and downtime.

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Our unique approach

Our managed services contracts run in sprints, allowing you to prioritize your most profitable initiatives and providing us with structured, focused time to execute. We offer a 24/7 ecommerce site SLA, so we’re here when you need us. And we frequently run automated and manual scans of your site to identify any red flags with site performance, SEO, and uptime.

What you get

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Dedicated team

You’ll have access to a team of subject matter experts to supplement the needs of your internal teams. This gives you the flexibility to utilize the right expertise at the right time—meaning you can spend less time building in-house expertise in niche areas and more time focusing on your core business.

Flexible model

Let’s face it—sometimes you just don’t have the in-house expertise. And often, you can’t find the resources to grow it. That’s where we come in. Our team works best when we can act as an extension of yours. In some cases, we’ll work alongside you. Other times, we’ll educate you. And if you need us to, we can work autonomously, providing updates along the way.

Analytics and status updates

We’ll provide you with weekly updates about your sprints—task status, time tracking, overall hours burn rate, etc. We’ll also keep you updated on site performance. We’ll build a dashboard you can check at any time, and we’ll generate reports with insights and recommendations for smashing your next KPI. And we’ll ensure your site stays up to date with patches, routine maintenance, browser compatibility updates, and more.

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