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The product information management (PIM) landscape is diverse and rapidly changing. Choosing a PIM software can be difficult for several reasons. It is particularly challenging if you are implementing PIM software for the first time. In addition to deploying a new, business-critical system the following are also true:

  • The PIM space is crowded
    New PIM software pop up every day and consolidations are frequent in this space
  • The evaluation process is time consuming
    Identifying, contacting, and communicating with vendors takes time
  • No context for evaluation criteria
    You’re unsure which questions to ask and what makes a good fit
  • Several competing priorities
    Your other work doesn’t stop so you can select a PIM software

Get help with PIM software selection

It is critical to choose a PIM software that meets your specific business needs. It’s also incredibly difficult to do if you don’t work in PIM every day.

That’s where Ntara can help. We’re different from other software consulting firms because we have more than a dozen years of first-hand PIM experience. We’ve managed 30+ PIM implementations, including global, multi-lingual deployments with billions of datapoints.

We know PIM. And we know the right questions to ask to help your business navigate the PIM space.

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Illustration representing Ntara's PIM software selection scorecard. On a black background. Top row includes various white icons, representing the relevant criteria identified by the company. Middle row includes red boxes with white dots and lines, representing the technical requirements. And the bottom row includes yellow circles with white lines, representing the company's implementation preferences.

What is PIM software selection?

Our PIM selection process is a standardized, objective evaluation of potential software platforms. It requires a thorough understanding of business goals and PIM requirements.

Ntara approaches this process using qualitative research. We talk to stakeholders throughout your company to identify relevant criteria, technical requirements, and implementation preferences. We then contact platform vendors on your behalf, saving you the time, effort, and headache of fielding inquiries.

We work with you to set up “entrance criteria” for up to five PIM software. We select them based on platform cost, development language, partner model, deployment options, and more.

Short-listed vendors score themselves on each requirement, on a scale from “not available” to “best in class.” Then, it’s your turn to grade each vendor on their features. Our technical team rounds out the analysis, doing a deeper technical dive into each requirement. We keep all scores sequestered until they’re completed to avoid bias in the process.

We designed this process to help you get past the marketing hype and determine which platform features align best with your business. It’s one thing to choose a PIM software that makes the front page of Forrester or Gartner. It’s another to know which platform best suits your unique needs.

What you get from a PIM software selection

By the end of this project, you’ll have all the data you need to select a PIM software including:

Black icon of a checklist

Business requirements document

What your business needs from PIM software, complete with decision maker signoff

Black icon of a checklist

Double-blind vendor scorecard

Three-tier evaluation of each platform’s ability to meet your business requirements

Black icon showing a graph and a dollar sign

ROI calculator

Framework for tracking the time and money your PIM implementation helps save

Black icon of a maze with an arrow pointing up

Findings & recommendations

Roadmap for getting from where you are today to where you want to be with PIM

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