What is technical digital strategy?

Technical digital strategy is the detailed assessment of your current digital ecosystem to plan for future digital projects. This engagement is ideal for any business choosing a new CMS, scaling an enterprise website, implementing PIM or B2B ecommerce for the first time, or navigating integrations with ERP, CRM, or marketing automation. Technical digital strategy engagements indicate where and when you should invest your digital dollars.

How is technical digital strategy valuable to my business?

Technical strategy engagements help you make the initial decisions necessary to execute larger digital transformation initiatives. Create the infrastructure you need to facilitate your business goals. Learn how to strengthen the security and performance of your code repository, enabling scalability. Whatever digital projects are on the horizon, technical strategy helps you identify how to get there—and the level of effort, estimated cost, and priority.

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Our unique approach

From our initial interaction, our goal is to learn everything we can about your business. We know everyone says that. But we mean it. Technical strategy engagements help us—and you—understand how we should move forward together. And integrity is a key pillar of our brand. We’ll give it to you straight. If your internal product processes are going to impede your PIM implementation, you deserve to know. And if we find that you should be building on something we don’t support, we’ll tell you that, too. And we can even help you pick the right partner.

What you get

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Code audit

This is typically completed as a diagnosis to a specific symptom—maybe your site is really slow, or some bug is making it malfunction in a random way. Code audits identify what it will take to stabilize your code and improve the performance of your site. The goal here isn’t to rewrite your code; it’s to identify what needs to be rewritten so we can get it stable enough to be promoted and live.

Agency transition

If we decide to move forward together, we’ll take over ownership of your code. We’ll build it into our systems and set you up for automated deployments. We’ll do any necessary cleanup, upgrades, etc., to get you prepared for new features and initiatives.

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Platform evaluation

We’ll work with you to gather requirements and establish your goals for a new software platform. We’ll identify the top contenders and have them self-score against a custom rubric. We’ll validate those scores blindly, to eliminate bias, and have the top vendors pitch to you. From there, we’ll consider their scores, your scores, and ours in our recommendations for the right platform. For PIM, CMS, and ecommerce, we can also create a proof of concept to validate that the customizations touted by each software vendor can actually be realized. This approach lets you make an investment based on proven facts, not empty promises.

Technical audit

Typically part of a larger research engagement, we conduct audits of your internal systems and processes. This process mitigates risk for your organization and can help you determine which investments to make first to achieve the best ROI for your top customers. Additionally, technical audits can identify opportunities to gain efficiency within your tech stack and supporting processes.

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For most of our clients, we conduct cloud readiness analysis. We assess performance, efficiency, and load times throughout the US and abroad. What is the setup of your current hosting environment? Do you need a load balancer or a CDN? We can guide you regardless of where you’re hosted and, when it makes sense for your business, we can transition you to Azure.

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