What is user experience design?

UX design is a bit of an industry buzzword, but we take it seriously. Whether it’s a quick-turn microsite, a dealer portal, or a global, B2B ecommerce site with punchout and multiple user types, your customer is at the center of everything we do. Before we create a sitemap, we want to know how your customer seeks information. Before we create a wireframe, what does your customer expect on this page? Before colors, before fonts, before overall aesthetics—what are we creating and how should it function? UX design is function over fashion (but we like pretty things, too, and you deserve both).

How is UX design valuable to my business?

Everyone wants to be customer-focused, but websites often serve splintered, internal agendas that don’t resonate with the intended audience. Here’s your opportunity to stand out. All you have to do is answer the needs of your target audience on your site. Reduce barriers on your site to increase engagement and conversion. Delight your customers more and annoy them less to improve their satisfaction with your brand. Optimize your ecommerce checkout to help them convert more easily. By definition, UX design should help your customers—while your business gains even more.

Colorful graffiti on a brick wall.

Our unique approach

Our UX department is comprised of researchers, strategists, designers, and analysts. We work together to stay aligned with your unique audience. We have a system of checks and balances for strategy and we iterate together on everything we do. This cross-functional approach is of great benefit to your business and your customers.

What you get

Input on the approach

You will provide input and approval throughout the creative process to ensure our creative outputs meet the needs of your organization. Before we get started, we’ll align around the requirements, goals, and details. You’ll provide input on initial concepts before we dive in and start cranking. And as we progress, you’ll have reviews to guide the finished product.

Information architecture that satisfies your needs

We’ll ensure every page and piece of content on your website exists for a reason. We’ll map out the purpose, SEO strategy, and content strategy for each page and create documentation to ensure. And we’ll plan for cross-linking and other techniques to optimize your UX and search performance.

Success measurements and optimization

We’ll tag every critical action on the site so we can track performance post-launch. We’ll establish website KPIs and create an integrated analytics dashboard to keep us all up-to-speed on how your new site is performing. We have a variety of monitoring capabilities, from click and hover analysis to actual customer usage videos. With this infrastructure for ongoing analysis, you can easily identify opportunities for optimization.

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