What is website development and integration?

Development and integration are what happen behind the scenes to ensure your customers can find what they need online. It’s the front-end code that makes your design come to life. It’s the back-end code that ensures information travels to and from all intended sources. It’s the complex connections between your website and a multitude of data sources. It’s the supporting infrastructure of your website.

How is website development and integration valuable to my business?

Our development processes are built with you in mind. We minify and bundle our code to accelerate speed and performance. We have automated processes for identifying errors and future-proofing our code, allowing our teams to spend more time creating new features to delight your audiences. And our quality assurance and user acceptance testing processes are very thorough, to ensure a consistent experience across multiple browsers and devices.

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Our unique approach

We have decades of experience building everything from microsites to brochure sites to complex ecommerce systems. But we truly shine with clients who need complex sites and integrations. Our largest site build to date was 1.4 million pages in more than 40 languages. Our most complex integration navigated more than 25 databases and a client’s homegrown ERP system for a single query. In addition to our standards and procedures for code automation, automated builds, and infrastructure, we also consistently achieve aggressive goals in performance, stability, and security.

What you get

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Flexible build approach

We build using either the waterfall or agile method, depending on the size and complexity of the project and your own internal project management practices. With waterfall, we have a more predictable schedule with set deadlines for key milestones. With agile, we produce prioritized items in two-week sprints and release features more quickly. We are comfortable taking either approach to website builds—whichever best meets the needs of your organization.

Platform expertise

We have in-house staff dedicated to the continuous education on multiple platforms. We are a Kentico Gold Partner and an inriver Platinum Partner. We are also a preferred partner of two ecommerce solutions, Znode and Virto Commerce.

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Passion for integration

We specialize in cross-platform integrations—CMS, PIM, marketing software, ERP, order management. Whether flat files, APIs or third-party standard, our engineers are masters of integrating systems. And our established procedures mean your data is transferred reliably from source to source. We proactively build and run test cases to proactively identify errors and we run tools, such as Azure Application Insights, to monitor for anomalies.

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