The PIM landscape is rapidly evolving, and Ntara is constantly evaluating new products and services to help our clients meet their data management needs. Adding to our longstanding partnership with inriver, Ntara’s new partnerships with Salsify and Syndigo broaden our capabilities to meet our current and future clients’ diverse product data management needs.

We added Salsify to our suite of PIM platforms in 2021 because it is purpose-built to help manufacturers rapidly syndicate product information. (To learn more about Syndigo, stay tuned for a future article.)

Recognized by Forrester in 2021 as a visionary and fast mover, Salsify helps brand manufacturers, retailers, and distributors perform better on the digital shelf. Its product experience management (PXM) platform includes a suite of interconnected modules that offer businesses the ability to:

  • Syndicate and publish product content to many destinations
  • Enrich and optimize product pages
  • Track product performance
  • Keep product data organized and updated
  • Integrate fulfillment data
  • Collect, manage, and govern product information

Illustration showing Salsify’s six product modules. 1) Sydicate and publish product content to many destinations. 2) Enrich and optimize product pages. 3) Track product performance. 4) Keep product data organized and updated. 5) Integrate fulfillment data. 6) Collect, manage, and govern product information.

Who should use Salsify?

Salsify is a great solution for businesses that are ready to move quickly and nimbly into product data management and syndication. Many installations can be relatively quick (three to six weeks) and can easily scale to meet the future needs of your organization.

Salsify comes out of the box with many syndication options, enabling faster speed to market and efficient delivery of data to downstream channels. This is especially true for businesses that deal with data enrichment, such as product lifecycle management or middleware, whose primary goal is syndication.

Because of its exceptional syndication abilities, Salsify works well for retail-focused manufacturers. But it can also work well for any manufacturer or distributor that wants to get products into the ecommerce market as quickly as possible.

If your business wants to syndicate content to dozens (or hundreds) of retailers—particularly big box or name brand retailers—you should consider Salsify. And if you need to store data in a central location and work with a cross-functional team to standardize your data, Salsify may be right for you. This platform was purpose-built from the ground up with enrichment and syndication in mind.

Product data syndication is one of Salsify’s key strengths. But, unlike sock hats and Snuggies, there is no “one-size-fits-all” for PIM solutions. Syndication is also present in other platforms, such as inriver and Syndigo, and each platform approaches this process a little differently. But we like Salsify’s approach for rapid deployments where syndication is the primary use case.

Salsify’s features and benefits we love

Salsify can handle a range of configurations, from simple to highly complex. And its modern, intuitive user interface allows businesses to efficiently move data from place to place. Its retail-focused nature enables brands to grow their market share by delivering better shopping experiences, expanding their product assortments, and diversifying their selling opportunities.

This platform also helps brands increase their customer loyalty by providing the framework to create reliable product experiences.

Businesses using Salsify can decrease their time to market, maximize publishing efficiency, and optimize their product content on an ongoing basis. This is a great solution for brands looking to scale their product content collaboration and output. As a result, Salsify also helps businesses become more agile, govern their global data creation, and meet the ever-changing requirements of their marketplaces and retailers.

Salsify is fully customizable and the product data is decoupled, empowering teams to use the software how they need to—and modify specific datasets without impacting others.

PIM is a dynamic space, with new technologies and techniques introduced daily. And a piece of software is only as good as its implementation. If you have been considering upping your PIM game with Salsify, inriver, Syndigo, or are interested in our product data management consulting, schedule a call.

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