Quality over quantity

Ntara has been digital since day one of its founding in 1999. And a lot has changed after almost 20 years in business.

We’ve continuously honed our team’s approach to ready our clients for the future and all the adventure it brings. Over the years, we have worked and partnered with Ektron, EpiServer, Sitecore, Adobe, Bridgeline Digital (iAPPS), and other mid-market to enterprise-level web content management systems. But one thing has remained the same—our team’s dedication to building, creating, and innovating. As a solution partner in the top 1% of all other Kentico Solution Partners, we’ve been able to achieve success because of the quality of our team’s solutions, approach, and development operations. And quality is something Kentico takes very seriously.

You’ll notice that the top partners in the world all possess the Kentico Quality Expert badge. This is exclusive to Kentico Xperience Gold Partners to highlight their product knowledge, expertise, and the high level of development in project delivery.

This is the highest award a Kentico partner can receive, and we’re incredibly proud of this designation. Simply put, this means we are developing state-of-the-art code, and it passes an incredibly stringent (and totally blind) QA testing gauntlet based on the objectivity of the Kentico Technology Team.

Why does this matter? For our clients, this means you’ve got a really solid website with a future logical path to upgrade.

Despite our team’s size and number of sites, Ntara is a leader for this platform because of what we’ve been able to achieve with Kentico. As an agency with 6 certified developers, 2 certified marketers, 1 Kentico Site of the Year, 1 Kentico Site of the Month, and 19 registered Kentico projects, we’re not a high-volume agency. We focus on perfecting our craft instead of sloppily creating brochure sites with derelict code. And this attention to detail has brought value to our partnership at Kentico, current, and prospective clients.

Our long-time client, Teradata, has an award-winning site built on Kentico.

Why does our team like Kentico, and why do we recommend it?

Back in 2014, Kentico stuck out as a .NET platform because of its flexibility and customizable nature. We soon discovered that if our clients could dream it, we could build it.

With Kentico, we’ve been able to create ecommerce sites, custom product information management systems, 3-D product tours, distributor portals, a B2C product configurator, and sales tools that live in kiosks, websites, and are available across all mobile devices. Our development team loves Kentico’s rigorous technical documentation and the extensibility of their platform—the entire platform builds off of its own API. This also makes for a very reliable set of building blocks.

Our team frequently turns to Kentico for our client’s web projects because of its extensibility, 7-day bug-fix guarantee, and competitive and transparent pricing model for mid-market and enterprise customers. And we think you’d be hard pressed to find these characteristics in another content management system currently on the market.

Other advantages of Kentico our team and clients really enjoy are:
• Easy-to-use editing interface in a browser
• Full-featured content management system
• An integrated EMS solution
• Highly flexible and extensible
• Rapid development and short time to web

Beautyrest website mock ups
An award-winning Beautyrest site built on Kentico

The benefits of choosing a top-ranked Kentico Xperience partner

Simply put, Kentico helps us go to market faster with our clients. This all-in-one CMS, ecommerce, and online marketing platform drives business results for companies of all sizes both on-premises or in the cloud.

It gives customers and partners like us powerful, comprehensive tools and customer-centric solutions to create stunning website success stories and manage customer experiences easily in a dynamic business environment. And because of our team’s ability to easily develop within the Kentico platform, we’ve been able to amass a library of customized controls over the years that make deploying websites even faster and more cost effective.

We’re committed to continuously improving the tool with which we build. As part of our top global status as a Kentico Gold Partner, Ntara is member of an esteemed Partner Advisory Board. We’re on the inside track to learn how our clients can benefit from new product releases, and we often help shape what future product offerings include. This means we can help our clients understand which version of Kentico is best suited to meet their needs, and we are a consultative partner when deciding between an upgrade path, or a new instance of Kentico all together.

Through our dedication to development operations excellence with Kentico, Ntara has formulated some serious IP and thought leadership around our three specialized verticals—manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. Our team cultivates robust and intentional Development Operations to own any software we work with, top to bottom. Our development team attends coding and platform conferences, engages in constant reading, research, and discussions, and most importantly fosters an environment of learning for our Junior Development staff. We strive to analyze, mold, and improve the technologies we’re using to benefit our clients.

Looking forward with our partnership

In November, Kentico released increased integrated marketing functionality and ecommerce capabilities in Kentico v. 11. And Kentico is now fully integrated with ecommerce platform Ucommerce for even more out-of-the-box ecommerce functionality. These features give clients the luxury of choice—when it comes to choosing a content management system, they can expect more from a single platform based on Kentico’s robust service offerings.

Kentico is continuing to define itself as an innovative, forward-facing all-in-one CMS, ecommerce, and integrated marketing platform. Ntara hopes to further solidify ourselves as a top-tier implementation and development partner while staying committed to the future success of the entire Kentico platform and partner network. We’re continuing to invest resources in training, custom modules, connectors, and ongoing education because we see such great potential for growth and fantastic results on current projects from Kentico as a partner and technology firm.

Some of our Kentico work

To see our work in action, check out three of our Kentico case studies. Ntara team members design and developed 100% of these projects.

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