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Healthcare SEO increases website visitors 2X in one year

A healthcare SEO strategy featuring keyword targeting, schema strategy, and practical, human-centered content.

The challenge

For several years, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare experienced rapid growth, but their website was bloated, hard to navigate, and wasn’t optimized for organic search. After a full website redesign, the company defined specific goals for the site. From there, we worked to execute those goals—focused on optimizing several types of content so users could find their valuable resources.  

While developing UX strategy for service content, a resource library, and an engaging blog, several issues surfaced with search engine optimization (SEO). Thousands of content-rich PDFs were difficult for search engines to find and for patients to navigate. Blogs were plentiful but needed better engagement. And some content on the site was translated in Spanish but was not indexed well for search engines. These factors kept search engines and users from finding

Our approach

After redesigning the company’s website, we strengthened their healthcare SEO strategy using several tactics. We collaborated with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare using Brightedge as a supporting tool. We created a new keyword and content strategy, UX strategy to boost engagement with organic visitors, and technical SEO to help boost organic ranking potential. We helped them optimize their service content and PDFs to allow for proper indexing. Then, we helped them monitor SEO impact and opportunities as they developed a strong content strategy over time. 

We implemented schema within the code, enabling FAQ content to display in the coveted “People also ask” section of Google search results. This helped boost the ranking positions of many pages and blog articles and helped users interact with Cardinal content right within Google results.  

Once those steps were complete, we tackled Spanish SEO by ensuring a seamless UX between English and Spanish landing pages. We also worked from a technical perspective to ensure that search engines could successfully crawl and index both versions of the site. 

Final experience

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare’s domain authority improved as a result of this multi-year partnership between their content team and our technical SEO strategists. They invested the time to write hundreds of search-focused articles over a 24-month period. As a result, their domain gained significantly more visibility on search results pages, and they saw an increase in organic search traffic. Additionally, developing the content in Spanish broadened their online presence, allowing the organization to reach more people with their valuable mental and behavioral health resources. 


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About the client

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare was a Medicaid managed-care organization (MCO) serving over 850,000 members and families with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, mental health, or substance use disorder (IDD/MH/SUD) diagnoses across 20 counties in North Carolina. They are now part of Vaya Health

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