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Ntara is a platinum inriver partner. Since 2016, we have built inriver PIM software implementations of all sizes. And we’ve integrated with the most common and most obscure software platforms.

We’re home to three inriver Champions who serve in the elite inriver Community. We have more Champions than any other North American inriver partner—or 10% of all inriver Champions on the continent.

This gives Ntara direct access to inriver product owners and the inriver product roadmap. Our inriver Champions also influence the development of inriver PIM software with real-world client examples.

Ntara + inriver key facts

  • 30+ PIM software implementations
    Solutions that scale to manage millions of data points
  • Deployments of all sizes
    From rapidly growing regional companies to established global brands
  • Deep integration expertise
    Including SAP, Salesforce, JDE, AS400, Oracle, and more
  • 3 inriver Champions
    Teams led by recognized experts in the inriver field and PIM software industry
  • Ntara PIM software Tools
    Unique Ntara toolset that shortens R&D time to launch your implementation faster
  • Industry-focused
    Solutions for brands, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail clients
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Ntara’s PIM software and product data clients

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Four black circles representing Ntara's approach to inriver PIM implementations. In the top right circle, a magnifying glass with colorful circles of various sizes and the words "product data audit." On the bottom right, a rocketship illustration with the words "MVP option." On the bottom left, a blue and white website icon with the words "Ntara PIM Tools automation." And on the top left, a white box with various scales noted, and the words "customized to your unique needs."

Ntara’s unique approach to inriver software implementations

Whether you are implementing PIM software for the first time, augmenting an existing implementation, or performing a “rip and replace” of an existing PIM system, Ntara takes a business-first approach to inriver PIM implementation. While others may try to push your organization into a cookie-cutter PIM software operating model that works best for them, our teams have the experience to develop a model around your unique needs and existing systems.

Beyond the typical discovery phase, Ntara’s approach to data quality saves time and money during your implementation. Our PIM consultants use a proven product data quality audit framework to help you establish the current state of your product data and map a path to a more ideal state. This is done before data is ever loaded into the system to ensure a seamless launch and to improve the experience of your product management team when using inriver.

Beyond innovative processes, we also created the Ntara PIM Tools web app—an automation tool that helps you save time, increase accuracy, and automate data mapping. Using PIM Tools, we can get your data in its current state (e.g., spreadsheet) into inriver PIM faster.

Additionally, for businesses whose primary goal is a quick implementation, we can launch an MVP in as few as eight weeks.

“As an innovative and accomplished inriver partner with three inriver Champions on staff, Ntara has a strong history of PIM success. And with their decades of experience in integrations and consulting, they have customized our software to meet a wide variety of complex business needs. We recommend them to businesses looking for a long-term PIM and product data partnership.”

Johan Boström headshot

Johan Boström

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, inriver

Ready to implement inriver PIM?

The four stages of an inriver PIM software implementation

Our goal is to get your team working in a live instance of inriver PIM as quickly and efficiently as possible. This helps your business realize value faster—helping you maintain support and budget from your stakeholders. These four phases of an inriver implementation include analysis, implementation, transition, and rollout.

Illustration showing the four stages of an inriver PIM implementation with colorful, overlapping squares. First, on the left, a red square with a white graph icon labeled "analysis." Next, a black square with two white interlocking circles labeled "implementation." Next, a yellow square with a white circle icon with an arrow in the middle labeled "transition." And last, on the right, a blue square with a white circular arrow labeled "rollout."

inriver PIM analysis

The first phase of an inriver implementation is analysis, also known as “discovery.” This is the consultative pre-work that should precede any PIM implementation. It’s more than just getting your business ready for PIM; it’s creating a solid product data infrastructure to scale your business.

During analysis, our product data consultants guide you through a combination of engagements according to the needs of your business.

The goal with analysis is to establish your product data strategy—your central source of truth, how it functions, and what it requires. During this phase, we help you understand the internal resources needed and help map your plan for a successful implementation.

inriver PIM implementation

During implementation, we deploy the first major phase of your product data strategy. We get your inriver instance up and running and get your existing data loaded in. From there, we customize and configure the software to meet the requirements of your minimum viable product (MVP). The goal here is to get you working in the system as rapidly as possible.

inriver PIM transition

Once we launch your MVP, we can transition sections of the implementation off to your team to start doing the work. You can begin enriching your data. Our team continues to make moves behind the scenes to improve your inriver instance, but your team is now involved and empowered to do their work. This transition period is critical to our agile approach, so that your team can be using the software and influence the next sprints of implementation from their experience.

inriver PIM rollout

Once your data is enriched and your MVP inriver instance is complete, we launch. At that point, you can begin syndicating content to outbound channels—your ecommerce website, retailer sites, marketplaces, etc. From here on, your inriver PIM software is live on production and powering your product content within your ecosystem. And we’ll work together to add more features over time.

And if your business has already implemented inriver PIM and you aren’t happy with the implementation or your partner is not meeting your expectations, we can help with that too.

Illustration of two abstract people (a man and a woman) talking, as indicated by red, yellow, and blue talk boxes in the background. Surrounding the illustration are circles in red, yellow, and blue, representing the various types of data collected during the first implementation meeting—ecommerce requirements, preferences, things to avoid, etc.

Getting started with Ntara + inriver PIM software

In our first meeting, we will talk through your business needs to identify the requirements and scope of your inriver implementation. We can also walk you through our qualifications, capabilities, and case studies. Depending on the complexity of your engagement, we may ask you to provide some additional information about your technical environments and product data to help us to provide the best path forward.

From there, we present your customized inriver PIM implementation strategy, including estimates and timelines for each phase and feature.

Still evaluating PIM software? We can help with that, too.

Before diving into PIM, your business may want to test the waters with our PIM readiness assessment.

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