Illustration showing two overlapping circles. On the right, a smaller red circle. On the left, a larger blue circle. A black arrow begins in the smaller red circle and ends in the larger blue circle.

Signs you need a PIM software migration

Change happens. Your company may choose to migrate to a new product information management (PIM) software platform for several reasons. If your current platform is not meeting your needs, you may be experiencing:

  • Increased time to add channels
    The market is changing faster than your platform allows
  • Frustratingly long time-to-market
    Your PIM software isn’t helping the way you expected
  • Infrastructure that just won’t scale
    On-premises limitations or a SaaS platform that can’t grow with your business
  • Poor performance or usability
    Your first PIM software was not implemented correctly
  • Business growth through M&A activity
    Large changes in IT infrastructure demand a more capable solution

The good news? Switching PIM software doesn’t mean you have to start back at square one. You can build on lessons learned through your last implementation. And if you work with an experienced partner, you can also build on their body of work.

Ntara’s PIM partners

We partner with a variety of PIM software so we can tailor each PIM project to the needs of our clients. Some businesses want PIM solely for syndication to retail channels. Others want PIM to do the heavy lifting in terms of data storage, workflows, and enrichment. Our PIM portfolio is growing. Check out each partner page to learn the ins and outs of their platforms.

inriver logo

The PIM for the complete commerce experience

inriver partnership

inriver PIM implementation

Highly intuitive, flexible, SaaS-based PIM software

Akeneo partnership

Akeneo implementation

Salsify logo

Advanced data syndication through CommerceXM

Salsify partnership

Salsify PIM implementation

Syndigo logo

The industry’s first Active Content Engine (PIM & MDM)

Syndigo partnership

Syndigo PIM implementation

Ntara’s unique approach to PIM software migration

Migration is a great time to get a second opinion on strategy—and the most economical way to manage your data. Because many systems integrators stop documentation after the initial implementation, there could be a huge differential in the features you have today and the features you need.

Our consultative approach to PIM migration will give you a clear picture of where you are now—the state of your data, your systems, your processes. We will also provide an informed strategy for getting you where you want to be. Depending on your source PIM system, our proprietary software may be able to accelerate this process by building a visual copy of your marketing model in minutes.

Illustration representing the process for a PIM migration. On the left, a gray circle marked "where you are now." Inside that circle are additional black circles with colorful icons representing systems, data, and processes. On the right, another gray circle labeled "where you want to be." Smaller black circles inside contain similar but updated colorful icons representing the new data, new processes, and new systems.
Illustration with four icons on a continuous loop, representing Ntara's key product data consulting services. On the top left, a magnifying glass showing various sizes of red, yellow, and blue circles that represent various types of data that can be audited. On the top right, an illustration of blue, yellow, red, and black circles that are overlapping to represent a system of platforms working together. On top of the circles are two white arrows, indicating a continuous loop of information flowing between systems. On the bottom left, an illustration of a yellow cylinder with white lines indicating multiple sections. Overlapping the cylinder is a black, partially transparent circle with a blue checkmark in the middle. This represents product data governance. And on the bottom right, an illustration with yellow, red, and blue circles on a black circle background. Some of these colorful circles project an exploratory gray "light" outside the black circle. On the outside of the black circle, rounded red, yellow, and blue lines. This represents a product data 360° analysis.

Getting started with a PIM software migration

Because we’re starting with a PIM software in place, every PIM software migration project begins with an accelerated discovery engagement. Depending on the state of your current system and the type of migration, the accelerated discovery engagement might include:

Our experience with PIM, product data, and complex integrations gives your PIM migration project an advantage. Together, we can build on that to create a new solution that meets your needs. Once we have a plan in place, our goal is to get you working in a new PIM instance on your new platform as quickly as possible.

Still evaluating PIM? We can help with that, too.

Before diving into PIM, your business may want to test the waters with our PIM readiness assessment.

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