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The inriver Champions program, for our clients, has great meaning in that we’ve got access to other people in the community that are trailblazers like we ourselves are—and we can reduce R&D by asking questions and getting quick responses. Oftentimes as a champion, we have extra opportunity to meet with the people who own the individual products that make up the inriver platform, and we’re able to ask them extra questions that may not be documented about what the product can do. And [we can] also push for things that we want to see in new future releases, so we’ve got extra capability to influence the software in that way.

Having an inriver Champion on your team gives you an insight into the product roadmap of inriver, as well as, we have key access to product owners. We also are able to leverage other ICP members to come up with solutions for you that are more thoroughly vetted.

Inriver rolls out enhancements to the software all the time. Through the Champions program, we’ve been able to make recommendations about enhancing content on the community site, and they’re taking those things and making that even better. A lot of times, the community leader will reach out to people on the champions team to answer questions for other people in the community, and try to help people further what they’re trying to do with the software.


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