As a business leader, you have a lot of goals to hit. Adopt more channels. Launch products faster. Increase your sales number year over year. Your challenges in reaching these goals are many, and they have a common hurdle: product data management.  

Is your product data reliable enough to set up a new sales channel? Maybe you aren’t sure. But you know your product processes are inefficient. They waste valuable time—and time is money. To hit your goals this year, you need to make some changes.

Ntara fixes product data problems at the source.  

Speak with a member of our team to discuss the current state of your product data. Together, we’ll create a roadmap to get you where you need to be.  

Ntara’s product data services

Product data problems are overwhelming because they’re massive. That’s why we broke them down into smaller, more manageable consulting projects. Click through below to learn more about each of Ntara’s product data service offerings. To speak further with a team member, schedule a call.  

Product data audit

Identify the major problems in your data and what it will take to solve them 

Product data lifecycle mapping

Document data processes from inception to launch and identify improvement opportunities

Product data governance

Implement a committee and governing processes to keep your data accurate and reliable

PIM software selection

Evaluate top PIM and MDM software using a standardized rubric and your business goals

PIM readiness assessment

Determine if PIM or MDM are right for your business, and assess potential scope

Product data 360

Analyze current product data and related processes to build a roadmap to PIM implementation

inriver PIM software implementation

Create a custom implementation with custom integrations that meet your business needs

Salsify PIM software implementation

Launch your instance of Salsify CommerceXM or PIM within a matter of weeks

Syndigo PIM & MDM software implementation

Combine the power of PIM & MDM to manage all organizational data

PIM migration

Switch from your current PIM platform to a new one without starting from scratch

Let’s fix your product data.

After one call, we’ll create a prioritized list of projects to get your product data and related processes where they need to be.

Hank and Aaron working at Ntara's Offices