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Digital consulting

We immerse ourselves in every facet of your business, from C-suite business goals to daily operational challenges. Then we leverage that knowledge to provide a holistic view of your current digital ecosystem. We assess how your customers, your stakeholders, and the marketplace engage with your current touchpoints. We identify the motivators and challenges of your target audiences and identify specific opportunities for financial growth.

Whether you need a multi-year roadmap or just a plan for the next quarter, we can take you from where you are to where you need to be. Whether navigating HIPAA, explaining artificial intelligence to a business audience, or increasing brand awareness through digital marketing—we have years of experience creating solutions that overcome the challenges of your industry.

Primary research

Ntara uses proprietary research methods to identify your unique customer groups and profitable growth opportunities for your business.

  • Customer segmentation
  • Business case development and forecasting
  • Operational readiness for digital change


We take a holistic approach to designing your digital ecosystem by considering the needs of your business and audiences today and in the future.

  • Digital roadmapping
  • Product launch
  • E-commerce and omnichannel

Technology recommendations

We have the experience you need to evaluate every piece of your existing infrastructure and propose adjustments and new platforms.

  • Code audit
  • CMS recommendations
  • E-commerce recommendations

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Areas of expertise

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