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Integrated marketing drives reservations for a hospitality chain

Ntara was proud to develop a new website for nation-wide lodging supplier Value Place, but we didn't stop with the launch of As their agency of record, we were responsible for a full range of initiatives that reach new audiences and engage existing and prospective customers, as well as strategies that take advantage of new technologies and channels. We did all this with one goal in mind: drive reservations and revenue.

emails sent


increase in organic search traffic


increase in email generated revenue


Create an accountable extension of our marketing department

Value Place leaned on Ntara as an extension of their marketing department to help grow their business through email marketing, an improved search presence, and customer-centric website content. The Ntara team was involved in the entire repeating process of planning, content development, analytics, reporting, and adjusting.

Smart and segmented email, search strategies, managed content, and trackable ROI

With segment-based email marketing, we've grown the vacation and business traveler sectors dramatically. By implementing thoughtful organic and paid search strategies, we have taken the Value Place search presence to new levels of success. A big key to ongoing integrated marketing efforts is updated and easily-managed content to keep the brand fresh and exciting. Bi-weekly reporting with the Value Place team keeps the efforts on track and assures their decision-makers that their ongoing investment with us is justified. Every dollar is tracked so ROI can be accurately calculated.

A huge jump in search and email traffic and the resulting revenue boost

The Value Place integrated marketing initiative has resulted in extraordinary increases in traffic and revenue.
  • 3.8 million emails sent
  • 184% increase in organic search traffic
  • 749% increase in email generated revenue

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