Who do we think we are? Depriving you of a ping pong profile for this long… Oh, how we have missed you.

We’ve been building up the anticipation – or just busy delivering kick-ass solutions for our clients all while gaining seven new ones this year alone – but you’re in luck. The wait is over.

The end of the year is near. We celebrated a successful year with a fantastic holiday party, buying obnoxious gifts for one another, and celebrating yet another year as Ntarians. Besides all the holiday lights and Christmas cheer, we’re excited to feature yet another pong extraordinaire.

With go-go-gadget-like arms, it’s hard to get much past this one. Especially when stakes are high. With a rather long-standing rivalry between the IMI (Integrated Marketing & Insights) and FED (Front End Development) teams, the two sides consistently battle it out in the game room for bragging rights. And this particular ponger craved, no, NEEDED, a big win.

SPOILER: he got just that. On one smoldering day in August (yes-they still talk about it), Brett took the cake for the first and only ponger to hit the ball into the “a” in the Ntara sign located in the game room (pictured below) during an infamous game of Volleypong. He also holds the record for “most pong games played in a row” with his rival and friend, Jonathan “J-Baby” Davis. Way to go, buddy.


Meet Brett Scarbrough, a 6’3 powerhouse from good ole’ Johnson City. He works on the IMI team as a respected Data Analyst at Ntara. His fellow ping-pong players, Justin “Dirty Drain” Alvis in particular, see him as a bit of a stud; even referring to him as Brett Pitt at times. His love for data and hooded sweatshirts is unprecedented, but what really makes him stand out around here are his stellar skills on the ping-pong table.

“Street” ping pong name: Stretch Arms-long, Yao Ming

Favorite Move: “Minus one”

Paddle Model: Killerspin Jet 400

Favorite pump-up song: COPS theme song

Pre-game ritual: Talking trash to the Front-End Development team

Sport idol: Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski

Intimidation tactic: I like to let my pong game speak for itself.

Victory dance move: Finger guns

How did you get into ping pong: My grandpa started teaching me at the young age of five.

Best nutrition tips: Dr. Enuf and Atomic Fireballs keep the senses sharp.

Relaxation technique: Winning

Any sponsors who support you?  The Parks and Rec department of Pawnee, Indiana.

Favorite inspirational quote or saying: “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” -Michael Scott

Brett continues to push the boundaries of the game room. He may use his charm to mask his ultimate plan, but don’t be fooled. With victory dance moves like the finger gun and Atomic Fireballs as a pre-game snack, how nice can this guy really be? He’s not. He’s an animal. 

Interested in becoming part of the Ntara culture? Check out our open positions.


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